The dot plot shows the number of library books borrowed by a group of children. A dot plot whose number line is labeled Number of books borrowed. There is 1 dot above 0, 2 dots above 1, 4 dots above 2, 4 dots above 3, 6 dots above 4, 3 dots above 5, 5 dots above 6, 3 dots above 7, 1 dot above 8, and 1 dot above 9. Select from the drop-down menus to correctly complete the statement. The distribution of data is Choose… , with a mode of Choose… , and a range of


  1. Answer:
    Median cause there are no outliers
    Step-by-step explanation:
    its hard To explaIN but U should Ask Ur parents but basicaly what i did was find the mean and the medium and the range and i divide by 2 and see which one fitted in and it was median soo.


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