The density of a fish tank is 0.4fish over feet cubed. there are 12 fish in the tank. what is the volume of the tank? 3 ft3 30 ft3 48 ft3 96 ft3


  1. The volume of the tank is 25ft³.
    Suppose, the volume of the fish tank is v ft³.
    According to the given question.
    The density(d) of the fish tank is 0.4 fish/ ft³.
    And the total number of fish in the tank is, n =  12.
    As, we know that the population density (d) of the fish in the tank is the number of fishes (n) in a given volume (v)
    So, the volume of of the tank is given by
    d = n/v
    ⇒ 0.5 = 12/v
    ⇒ v = 12/0.5
    ⇒ v = 25ft³.
    Hence, the volume of the tank is 25ft³.
    Find about more information about volume and density here:


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