The data represent the number of cans collected by different classes for a service
12 14 22 14 18 23 42 13
9 19 22 14
Eliminate the greatest value, 42, from the data set. Explain how the measures of
center change.


  1. The measure of the centers are mean, median and mode. When we remove the highest value i.e 42 from the dataset, the mean and median will be decreased and mode will have no changes.

    What is mean?

    The mean is calculated by adding up all of the values in the data set and dividing by the total number of values.

    What is median?

    The median is the middle value in a data set when the values are arranged in order from least to greatest.
    When we eliminate the greatest value, 42, from the data set, the mean, median will change because,
    the sum of values will decreases, returning in lower mean,
    the median will not change it there is an odd number of values remaining in the dataset but if there is even number of values remaining the median will decrease.
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