The container that holds the water for the football team is 2/9 full. After pouring in 12 gallons of water, it is 2/3 full. How many gallons can the container hold?

  1. Answer:
    It can hold 27 gallons
    Step-by-step explanation:
    I find it easier to work in 9ths instead of 3rds so I converted 2/3 to 6/9 then subtract 2/9 to find out exactly how many 9ths 12 gallons and it came out that 12 gallons is 4/9 so then you try to find out how many gallons 1/9 is and then just add them up to 9/9 so I just divided 12 by 4 and got 3 which would make 1/9 3 gallons add 3 gallons 9 times and you get 27. So therefore the container that hold the water for the football team can hold 2 gallons of water.
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