The commission earned on the sale of a car can be represented by the equation c(p)=250+0.02p where c represents the commission and p represents the purchase price of a car.
Jack sold two cars last weekend, one for $15,075 and the other for $21,640. Find his total commission.

If c(p)=745.80, find the purchase of the car.

i’ve tried the answers someone else found on here but they don’t work so plss help

  1. Answer:
    1) His total commission is $1,234.3
    2) The purchase of the car is $24,790.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    1) 21640*0.02=432.8+250=682.8
    15075 0.02301.5+ 250-551.5
    682.8+ 551.5-1,234.3
    2) 745.8-250-495.8/0.02= 24,790


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