The city library donated some children’s books to Mr.
Clark’s first-grade class. If each student takes 4 books,
there will be 20 books left. If 3 students do not take a
book and the rest of the students take 5 books each,
there will be no books left. How many books were
donated to the class?
(A) 120
(B) 140
(C) 160
(D) 175
(E) 185


  1. According to the statement 160 books were given to the class.
    The correct option is C.

    What is linear equation?

    One or two variables make up a linear equation. Neither the numerator nor the denominator of a fraction can be a variable in a linear equation raised to a power higher than 1. All of the points on a coordinate grid sit on the same line when you identify the values that together make a linear equation true and plot those values.

    According to the given information:

    Let the no. of students be s:
    Let the no. of books be b:
    Given that there will be 20 books left after each student selects 4 books,
    b = 4s + 20
    And the remaining students take 5 books each, therefore b=5(s3), even if 3 pupils choose not to take a book.
    comparing the value b
    To do this, change the value of s in b=4s+20 to what is shown below:
    160 books were given to the class.
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