The area of a square floor on a scale drawing is 16 square centimeters, and the scale drawing is 1 centimeter:3 ft. What is the area of the actual floor? What is the ratio of the area in the drawing to the actual area?


  1. Answer:
    First of all you need to identify the scale drawing that is 1cm: 3ft so if it is 16 you multiply 16 times 3 which is 48. Then, you just multiply 16cm( 1cm/3ft) making the answer to be 5.3333 or 5.3 so hope this is for the area of the actual floor and hope this answer help you so sorry if i did not get it right because i did my best.
    Step-by-step explanation: sorry if i did not answer the second part if the question but thanks for helping you in one part of the question.


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