The account balance of each of three children at the end of a month is shown below: John has −$2.75
Cheryl has −$3.00

Andrew has as much savings in his account as the amount John owes the bank.
Part A: On a blank paper, draw a number line from −4 to +4. Plot points on the number line to show the account balances of the three children. Label the points using the name of each child. Describe in detail how you created and labeled this number line, and what it looks like in detail. (5 points)

Part B: Determine whether John or Cheryl owes the bank more. Use absolute values and inequalities to write statements that justify your conclusion. (5 points)

(HELP I JUST NEED PART B :)) (and give a complete explanation please!! i wanna learn so i dont ask questions the next time.)

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