Terri opened a bag of jelly beans. After counting and sorting them, she realized that 20% of the jelly beans were red. Which is NOT equivalent to 20%?

A. 0.2
B. 1:5
C. 4/16
(Please Explain)


  1. Answer:
    The answer is C
    Step-by-step explanation:
    A. 0.2 = 20%
    B. 1/5 = 20% / 1 divided by 5 = .2
    C. 4/16 = 1/4 = 25% / 1 divided by 4 = .25

  2. The expression not equivalent to the 20% will be 4/16.

    What is the percentage?

    It is the ratio of two numbers expressed as a decimal of 100 parts. It is a measurement used to compare two sets of data, and it is stated as a percentage using the percent sign. Percentages are often and in many different contexts used.
    It is given that the expression is 20%.
    We have to find the equivalent value of 20%
    Expressions that function identically while having distinct appearances are called equivalent expressions. If two algebraic expressions are equivalent, then they both have the same result when the same value of the variable is entered.
    It can be written in different forms as,
    Thus, the nonequivalent expression of the % will be 4/16.
    Learn more about the percentage here:


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