Suppose that 10 unique names are put into a hat and drawn at random without replacement. How many different ways can you draw all of the names from the hat? Remember that “without replacement” means that the names are not returned to the hat after they are chosen.


  1. 10!  way we can draw all of the names from the hat. Using Permutation
    if we have n object, and as we know that arrangement given by = n!. (Permutation)
    Hereafter taking each unique name, we will arrange in raw, so we can say this problem is equivalently permutation problem
    So we can say the way of drawing all names can be done in
    10! Way.
    In mathematics, the permutation of a set is loosely the arrangement of its members in a sequence or linear order, or the rearrangement of its elements if the set is already ordered. The word “permutation” also refers to the act or process of changing the linear order of an ordered set.
    Learn more about Permutation here:


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