Stacy’s bill for breakfast at a
restaurant was $25.90. She
left a 20% tip. What was the
total cost of her breakfast.
including tip?


  1. Answer: $31.08
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Well, 10% of 25.90 is 2.59. We can find this by dividing 25.90 by 10.
    Now, that we know what 10% of it is we could now take 2.59 and times it by 2, because then it would turn into 10% x 2, which would be 20%.
    So, our equation would be:
    2.59 x 2 + 25.90 = 31.08
    I apologize if this isn’t the correct answer, or if my explanation is rough, I’m still new to brainly!!


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