Sound travels at 340 meters per second in air.

(a) Find the distance traveled by sound in air in 7 seconds. Give your answer in kilometers.

In 7 seconds, sound travels ? kilometers.

(b) A boy clapped his hands near a cliff. He could hear the echo of his claps 3 seconds later. Find his distance from the cliff. (Remember an echo has to travel the entire distance and then back so you will need to divide by 2 before you give your final answer).

The boy is ? meters from the cliff.


  1. Answer: A) 2.38 kilometers B) 510 meters
    Step-by-step explanation:
    A) 340 meters times 7 seconds = 2380 meters/1000 meters which is 2.38 kilometers
    B) 340 meters per second times 3 seconds= 1020 meters/2= 510 meters


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