Sophia is 12 years old. Her Uncle Reynald tells her that if she adds 5 to her age, multiplies the sum by 3, and then subtracts 4 from the product, she will find his age. She tells him that his age equals the expression 12 + 5 × 3 − 4 . Is Sophia correct? Choose the correct answers from the drop-down menus. Sophia is incorrect/correct . Her uncle’s actual age is 24/35/47/51

Please help! Btw the / means or


  1. Answer:
    Sophia’s expression is incorrect because of the rule of equation telling you to multiply first and then subtract. the correct expression is (12+5)3-4 which would equal to 47
    Step-by-step explanation:

  2. Answer:
    1) 24 of age
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Sophia’s uncle Reynald is 24 years old
    But the only closest option to the sum is 24.
    The sum to this word problem is 24.


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