Solving Problems with Ratios Henry needs 2 pints of red paint and 3 pints of yellow paint to get a specific shade of orange. If he uses 9 pints of yellow paint and wants the same orange color, how many pints of paint will he need altogether? Explain how you know.


  1. Answer:
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    Step-by-step explanation:
    Henry must use 6 pints of red paint if he uses 9 pints of yellow paint.
    This is true since the original ratio was 2:3 (red paint to yellow paint)
    You would just need to multiply by 3 to get 6:9.
    You can also re-check this by dividing by three to get 2:3 again.
    This means that 2:3 and 6:9 are equivalent ratios
    Brainliest is appreciated

  2. Henry needs to use 6 pints of red paint if he’s using 9 pints of yellow paint, becuase if we multiply the ratio 2:3 by 3x we get 6:9, and altogether without the ratio, he’ll have to use 6+9=15 pints of paint to get the specific shade of orange…………..Hope u understand, I’m also bad at maths T-T


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