Sixty-two people signed up for an ultimate frisbee league. On the first night, x people did not show up. Those that did show up
were split into 5 teams. Write an expression that represents the number of people on each team.


  1. Number of people on each team will be A(62 – x) , B(62 – x) , C(62 – x) , D(62 – x) , E(62 – x).

    How to form an equation?

    Determine the known quantities and designate the unknown quantity as a variable while trying to set up or construct a linear equation to fit a real-world application.
    In other words, an equation is a set of variables that are constrained through a situation or case.
    Given that,
    Total number of people = 62
    Number of people who do not shows up = x
    Number of people who show up = 62 – x
    62 – x people are split into 5 teams
    Let’s say A, B C, D, and E are factions of each team.
    A + B + C + D + E = 1
    A(62 – x) , B(62 – x) , C(62 – x) , D(62 – x) , E(62 – x) will be that expression.
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