Sharon started with $42 in her bank account and
added $16 per week. Neil started out $70 in debt and deposited $30 per week. Determine how many weeks it will take them to have saved the same amount of money.


  1. The number of weeks it will take them to have saved thesame amount is 8 weeks

    What is Simultaneous equation?

    Simultaneous equations are two or more algebraic equations that share variables e.g. x and y . They are called simultaneous equations because the equations are solved at the same time.
    if x represents the the number of weeks for saving and y represents the equal saved amount, then
    42+16x = y equation 1
    -70+ 30x = y equation 2
    subtract equation 1 from 2
    -70-42+16x- 30x= 0
    -112+14x= 0
    collect like terms
    divide both sides by 14
    x= -112/-14
    x= 8weeks
    therefore it will take them 8 weeks to have equal savings
    learn more about Simultaneous equation from


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