Select the correct answer. jackson is conducting an experiment for his physics class. he attaches a weight to the bottom of a metal spring. he then pulls the weight down so that it is a distance of 6 inches from its equilibrium position. jackson then releases the weight and finds that it takes 4 seconds for the spring to complete one oscillation. which function best models the position of the weight?


  1. The function that best models the position of the weight is s(t) = 6cos (pi/2*t).

    How to illustrate the function?

    From the information, we know that the spring is going to have a sin or a cos equation.
    We have that the maximum distance of the spring is 6 inches and it is achieved at t=0. We have that the function is of the form 6sin(at+B).
    We have that the period is 4 minutes and therefore that the time component in the equation needs to make a period (2pi) in 4 minutes.
    In general, a=2pi/T where a is this coefficient, T is the period. Finally, for B, since sin(pi/2)=1, we have that B=pi/2 because when t=0, we have that 6sin(B)=6.
    Substituting, we have s(t) = 6cos (pi/2*t).
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