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Are these lines perpendicular, parallel, or neither based off their slopes?
6x – 2y = -2
y = 3x + 12
The __ of the slope is __ so the lines are __ .


  1. The correct option regarding the slopes of the lines is:
    The slopes are equal, so the lines are parallel.

    When are lines parallel, perpendicular or neither?

    A linear function is modeled by:
    y = ax + b
    In which a is the slope.
    The slope determines if the two lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither, as follows:
    • If they are equal, the lines are parallel.
    • If their multiplication is of -1, they are perpendicular.
    • Otherwise, they are neither.
    For the first line, we place the line in the standard format as follows:
    2y = 6x + 2
    y = 3x + 1.
    For the second line, the slope is also of 3, hence they are parallel, as they have the same slope.
    More can be learned about parallel, perpendicular lines and slopes at


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