Select the correct answer. daniel has a list of numbers that are not in any order. he wants to find the order of the numbers with the help of a spreadsheet. which statistical function will help him do so? a. mode b. rank c. median d. average


  1. The correct option is B.

    What is Rank function?

    The RANK function in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet enables users to order the various pieces of data by their numerical values. By entering an absolute value for the range of cells the user wants to rank, they can also use the rank function. If an absolute value is not specified, the program’s auto-formula may cause the rank of the various cells to alter.

    What is Spreadsheet?

    A spreadsheet is a computer program used for organizing, organizing, analyzing, and storing tabular data. Spreadsheets were created as electronic alternatives to paper accounting worksheets. Data typed into table cells serves as the program’s input.
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