Select all the correct answers. a group of scientists is conducting an experiment on the effects of media on children. they randomly select 100 children and randomly assign each child to one of four treatment groups. each treatment group has a specific amount of screen time during a one-week time frame. the first group has no screen time, the second group has two hours of screen time, the third group has four hours of screen time, and the fourth group has six hours of screen time. after the first week, the scientists conduct the same experiment, with the same subject groups, for three more weeks so that each group experiences each of the four treatments. which statements about this study are true?


  1. Answer:
    this study uses random sampling
    this study uses a control group
    this study uses a repeated measures design ​
    Step-by-step explanation:
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  2. Answer:
    This study uses random sampling
    This study uses a control group
    This study uses a repeated measures design ​


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