Scientists have increased their ability to make observations beyond their own senses through the invention of specialized equipment such as xray telescopes. which best explains how such technology has affected society?


  1. The human understanding of the cosmos beyond Earth has grown after inventing specialized equipment such as x-ray telescopes.

    What is x-ray telescopes?

    X-ray telescope, a device made to find and focus X-rays from sources beyond the atmosphere of Earth.
    Some key features regarding the x-ray telescope are-
    • X-ray telescopes have to be launched into orbit outside of the atmosphere or propelled to great heights by rockets and balloons due to atmospheric absorption.
    • While telescopes carried aloft using rockets or satellites serve to detect softer radiation, balloon-borne telescopes may catch the more piercing (harder) X-rays.
    • That sort of telescope must have a completely different design from a typical optical telescope.
    • Since X-ray photons are so energetic, a typical reflector’s mirror wouldn’t be able to stop them from passing through.
    • If X-rays are to be collected, they must bounce off a reflector at an extremely low angle.
    To know more about x-ray telescope, here


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