Scientists are drilling a hole in the ocean floor to learn more about the​ Earth’s history. ​ Currently, the hole is in the shape of a cylinder whose volume is approximately 3600 cubic feet and whose height is 2.3 miles. Find the radius of the hole to the nearest hundredth of a foot. ​ (Hint: Make sure the same units of measurement are​ used.)
The radius of the hole is ____ feet. ​(Round to the nearest​ hundredth.)


  1. Convert height to ft scale
    • 1mi=5230ft
    • 2.3mi=2.3(5230)
    • 2.3mi=12029ft
    Radius be r
    • V=πr²h
    • 3600/πh=r²
    • 3600/12029π=r²
    • r²=0.095
    • r=0.308ft≈0.31ft


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