Ruben digs a hole at the beach that is 4.8 feet deep. Brian uses the sand Ruben digs up to build a sand castle that is 2.5 feet tall.
Which statement correctly compares the depth of Ruben’s hole and height of Brian’s castle?
A. |–4.8| > |2.5|
B. |–4.8| < |2.5|
C. –4.8 > 2.5
D. |–4.8| < 2.5


  1. Answer: Hope this helps you!
    A. |–4.8| > |2.5|
    Step-by-step explanation:
    When, you compare the distance between stuff, you always compare the absolute value of each thing. And even this equation does not ask for the distance between stuff, it still does require you to compare it with absolute value. The negative sign is only their because they are digging up the ground and not adding to the ground. However, when comparing it, we want to find what is deeper, so we use absolute value making it both positive to compare it fairly. However, if it asked which one was less deep you will use the negative signs. But based on this situation, you don’t need to.



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