Rewrite the problem using substitution and simplify the expression using order of operations and show your work.

3. Evaluate:
Suppose you want to buy something for $60, and you have $15 saved up so far. Then your grandmother calls and says she will chip in for your purchase. She doesn’t tell you the amount of money she will give you yet, so you just consider it x dollars.


  1. The algebraic expression for the scenario is 15 + x = 60

    How to evaluate the algebraic expression for the statement?

    From the question, we have the following parameters that can be used in our computation:
    Amount saved up = $15
    Cost of item = $60
    Amount gifted by your grandma = x
    The above parameters means that the mathematical statement is an equation statement
    So, we have the following representation
    Amount saved up + Amount gifted by your grandma = Cost of item
    Substitute the known values in the above equation, so, we have the following representation
    15 + x = 60
    Hence, the algebraic expression is 15 + x = 60
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