Recall that the perimeter of a square is equal to 4 times the length of one of its sides and the area of a square is equal to the square of one of its side.

1. Write a function. For the perimeter of the square. Is the perimeter of a square a linear I’d nonlinear function of the length of one of its sides? Explain


  1. Answer:   The equation of the line = y = 12x as s =4  because  y = (length of a square)x  when x is 1 and when x is 0     We then use and prove the formula  y2-y1  / x2 – x 1   and one we have the slope we can show the unit for x (or add it to the equation for proof below)   = s4  =  12x * 4         = isolate s =  s = (12x *4)/4 = (12x *4)  /  4 = to find length s      therefore p =  length s * 4  and  s =  12x * 4 / 4  in the example below                                     
    4s = p (perimeter) The perimeter an be a linear but it has boundaries of end point = 4s so in order to find the equation of the line if s = y  and s =1 given y = 1 where a length of side is possible in unit form – Which means if a square truly is equal sides then each length in units would double equally and then triple equally and quadruple equally – If the square was 120mm each length then the actual 1/12 creates a low positive linear always unless the unit is 0-9  anymore it would show a lesser steep positive linear as higher numbers for when y = 1  Therefore if 120mm = 12cm   x/y = 12/1  matching coordinates (12 1)  rise over er run  point 1  and point 4(end point) therefore would be * 12 linear =x/y   or would be  * (unit length) linear =x/y in the 12 linear we would have coordinates   (48 4) end point and formula 48-12 / 4-1 = 36/3 = 12  which proves the slope is always the function measure of all sides = y = 12x  when x is 1 and when x is 0 given the example for when a length is 12cm
    Step-by-step explanation:
     4s  =    12x * 4   could be the function based if using a length of 12cm  or equation of the line = y = 12x and s =4


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