Read the following statements I through V: I. Zero (0) II. One (1) III. Two (2) IV. Three (3) V. Either Zero (0) or One (1) VI. Either One (1) or Two (2) VII. Either Two (2) or Three (3) What is the kurtosis measure of the normal distribution


  1. Correct option is (IV). kurtosis measure of the normal distribution = 3

    What is Kurtosis?

    Kurtosis is frequently defined as a measure of peakedness or flatness. However, this is deceptive. It is a measure of the distribution’s tail heaviness (and skewness measure whether one tail is heavier than the other).
    Normal distribution curve determines the skewness of the data as to what extent is is disoriented from the normal distribution curve. Also, it is the probability distribution curve that determines whether the data set is two legged, one legged or it lies under which probability curve.
    Because these parameters are purely shape-related, they should not be affected by the mean or standard deviation. Pearson’s measures use moments about the mean to avoid relying on the mean and scale the variables to eliminate the standard deviation. Because the normal distribution has only two parameters, the skewness and kurtosis are constants. The kurtosis value is 3.
    To learn more about Kurtosis from the given link


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