Write about your routine day


Write about your routine day

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    Today is Tuesday, and it is also a special day for me. This morning I started everything with a delicious breakfast from my mother. She cooked me noodle with pork, egg, and vegetables. I went to school with my best friend Trinh, and we just had enough time to talk about our favorite TV show last night. I had a Math test today, so I was a little bit worried when the class started. It turned out that I was able to do well on the test, and I felt so proud about myself for the rest of the day. In the afternoon, I came to Trinh’s house to have lunch with her because her parents rarely came home in the middle of the day. We made a perfect meal from the ingredients that her mother had bought in the morning. We took a quick nap before having some other classes at school. We had a Physical Education class; today we learn how to have a badminton match. Trinh and I were a team; and although our team failed totally, we had a great time playing outside with other friends. I thought everything was just being ordinary as usual, but I had no idea there was a big surprise that was waiting for me at home. When I first stepped into my house, I saw the entire family gathering around a box in the corner. It turned out that my father had brought home a puppy, and it was the most beautiful creature to me. After finished all of my homework, I ended the day with a cup of hot milk. Now the puppy is sleeping right next to me, and I have to turn off the light so she can sleep peacefully. Today is such a happy day.



    Yesterday was Sunday and the weather was nice. I wake up at 6, brush my teeth and take a shower. After that, I exercise in the morning as usual. Next, I have breakfast and go to my friend’s house to pick him up to the pool, we decided to swim from 8 to 11 o’clock. After that I came back and had a good time for lunch and a good rest. In the afternoon, my family and I went to the park. We went for a run and it was fun to have fun with the family. So in the evening we went home to chat, share the past week and enjoy the best weekend. This is how we usually relax after a week of exhaustion and stress.

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