write a paragraph about table manners in your family


write a paragraph about table manners in your family

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    Like other families, my family has our own table manners that all members have to follow. First, wait until everyone settles down around the table. We need to show our respect and love to other by waiting for them to eat together. Second, do not dig into the dish. It is rude to dig into the dish to seek for good parts, for example, chicken thighs and wings, when picking food from shared dishes. Last, do not speak with a mouthful. When we are chewing, the food is in the mouth. It is impolite to talk to others because the food is likely to get out. I think our family’s etiquette is the same as the other family in Viet Nam. It is tradition that we have taught since we were a kid.


    My family is a cultural family. Therefore, everyone attaches great importance to good manners in the dining table. Firstly, when eating, everyone should not speak while eating. When eating, they should not get up without eating. Second, not to waste food, have to eat it all or leave it for later. Those are the rules of my family.


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