Word form: (Cho dạng đúng của từ in hoa) 1. Gender differences cannot prevent a person from pursuing a job.​ DIFFERENT (Câu ví dụ) 2. Sh


Word form: (Cho dạng đúng của từ in hoa)
1. Gender differences cannot prevent a person from pursuing a job.​ DIFFERENT (Câu ví dụ)
2. She wasn’t aware of gender_____________________in favour of boys so she still applied for this job.
3. Gender_____________________makes women lose a lot of opportunities.​DISCRIMINATE
4. She had to face_____________________when she lived far from home.​LONELY
5. Gender____________________brings women more chances in all areas.​EQUAL
6. We are working on the class project “Equal Opportunities in___________________.​EMPLOY
7. It is hard to get rid of__________________completely.​POOR
8. __________________at school is more and more common now. It should be eliminated as soon as possible.
9. Your idea is not practical. Therefore, I_______________with you.​AGREE
10. She was_______________when she was very young.​SUCCESS
Passive voice: (Chuyển sang thể bị động)
1. Government ought to limit the number of cars.
2. Schools should allow students to take fewer tests.
3. You mustn’t use phones in the meeting.
4. Parents can encourage children to join more outdoor activities.
5. We will not accept his apology.

Choose the best answer:
1. She sued her company___________race discrimination.
A. for​B. of​C. with​D. in​
2. The bad weather couldn’t prevent us____________winning this competition.
A. of​B. from​C. with​D. to
3. I am_________favour__________your ideas. It is very reasonable.
A. on/ with​B. in/ to​C. of/ with​D. in/ of
4. _________a man’s job means that a woman has to be patient and hard-working.
A. Suing​B. Pursuing​C. Making​D. Falling
5. His dream of becoming a reputed lawyer finally____________true.
A. makes​B. takes​C. comes​D. goes
6. A(n)________is a person who you work with.
A. firefighter​B. woman​C. employer​D. co-worker
7. She made fun of me because I am from Africa. It was a_______________discrimination.
A. gender​B. race​C. education​D. age
8. There were no limitations on women’s service at FDNY. Everyone had to do exactly the same jobs.
A. restricts​B. interests​C. subjects​D. inequalities
Stress:(Chon từ có vị trí trọng âm khác với từ còn lại)
1. A. limitation​B. inequality​C. entertainment​D. eliminate
2. A. according​B. successful​C. preference​D. encourage
3. A. prevent​B. firefighter​C. pursue​D. prefer
4. A. housework​B enrol​C. perform​D. allow
5. A. loneliness​B. different​C. suitable​D. position
6. A. hunger​B. anger​C. affect​D. equal
7. A. satisfy​B. expensive​C. knowlegde​D. primary

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    Passive voice:

    1.the number of cars ought to be limited by the government

    2. Students should be allowed to take fewer tests by Schools

    3.Phones mustn’t be used in the meeting

    4.Children can be encouraged to join more outdoor activities by Parents

    5.his apology will not be accepted by us.

    Choose the best answer:

    1.A. for​

    2.B. from​

    3.D. in/ of

    4.D. Falling

    5.C. comes

    6.D. co-worker

    7.B. race

    8.A. restricts


    1.D. eliminate

    2.C. preference​

    3.B. firefighter

    4.A. housework

    5.D. position

    6.C. affect

    7.B. expensive​


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