Why does time have a direction? Please give your ideas I want to see them. Brainliest f0r most effort.:)


Why does time have a direction? Please give your ideas I want to see them. Brainliest f0r most effort.:)

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    it’s a rule like water !!!!


    Most importantly, time appears to run forward always never backwards. in other words there’s perceived arrow of time and there’s thermodynamic arrow of time, and they always point in a forward direction


    for every system there are more states that seem chaotic then states that seem ordered.

    the arrow of time seems to have something to do with that tendency. but to get from one instance to another where things get more entropy, we already need some kind of time, gotta admit that.

    some (physicists) believe that time is an illusion, that the whole universe is already set in stone, like a block (the idea is therefore called block universe). from the perspective of a godlike outside observer the universe would be like a book, or a 4D movie. the characters might feel a movement of things in a direction, but rewinding it wouldn’t feel different in any instance because the order in wich things happen is already written.

    a different idea is that there are infinite many different futures and the further they are away, the less we can know for sure about them in a physical way. and this might also be work for the past, so that different parts could lead to one present.

    when macroscopic information is deleted, it might not be reversible, so the past gets ultimately blurry. one example for deletion of macroscopic information this is the Library of Alexandria wich burned down.

    all the quantum information is still conserved, but the order of things (like letters on pages) is lost and could have been in different configurations before. we can’t ultimately not even see the past, as much as we would try.

    personally the idea that the past is written in stone but the future is in flux doesn’t make any sense for me. because than I could have free will now, but not from the perspective 10 days later.

    the present would be a very special thing than, the stage where the universe likes to play.

    maybe we can get a grasp on time if we look at it like rules for a game, like a cardboard game.

    To get from one configuration to the next ,we must follow rules. like throwing dice and moving in monopoly.

    gravity would be a simple real world example for such a rule, a natural law.

    But no one would have a firm clue where this rules came from.

    TLDR: I don’t know and neither does anyone else for sure, not even top notch scientists.

    the hardest questions are easy to formulate, but maybe even impossible for us to answer in a satisfying way. I hope we will understand those hard questions better one day, and maybe even get answers.

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