What is the function of the uterus during embryo development?


What is the function of the uterus during embryo development?

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    The uterus plays a significant part in the pregnancy, menstruation, zygote implantation, conception, labor, and delivery of the baby along with other essential reproductive system organs.


    The uterus is a female reproductive organ that is pare shaped and situated between the urinary bladder and the rectum ins the pelvis.  The placenta develops links with the uterine blood vessels that provide the embryo with nutrition through an umbilical cord. When this happens, the uterus delivers signals to the brain to adjust the secretion of the hormone such that releases of more eggs (i.e. ovulation) are halted and the menstrual cycle momentarily stops, thereby verifying the pregnancy. In pregnancy the uterus provides the space and an adequate atmosphere for the fetus to develop safely, it provides feedback to the brain which regulates hormones release. The uterus forms a link between the mother and the baby through the placenta and umbilical cord not only to provide the requisite nutrients and oxygen but also to extract the waste products and purify the blood of the fetus before the fetal organs take over.

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