what expression is equivalent to 8x-12y+32?


what expression is equivalent to 8x-12y+32?

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    divide all terms by same numeral

    Step-by-step explanation:





    The answer is C.   16(0.5x-0.75y+2)

    Step-by-step explanation:

    I just got it correct on e d g e n u i t y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also the math the do it is this. Take the first answer for example. because of the parentheses you are going to take the number out side of the parentheses and multiply it by the numbers that are in the parentheses. So lets apply this.  

    1st Example… 16(0.5x-4y+32)  

    16 * 0.5x (When using a calculator just put in 16*0.5) The answer is 8 add on the x so it is 8x. 16*4y= 64y 16*32= 512. Then when you add symbols in you turn out with an answer for 1 that should look like this… 8x-64y+512 That is not equivalent to 8x-12y+32. So this is not the correct answer. (Because it isn’t equivalent)

    2nd Example… You can narrow down the search and make it easier if you do this… There is still a 32 in it and multiplying 32 and 16 will always equal 512 so you know it is not the second answer.

    3rd Example… The third example Is correct because 1 all the other answers aren’t lol. and 2 because the math steps are correct I will show you.  16(0.5x-0.75y+2)   16*0.5x=8x   16*0.75y=12y (looking pretty good!!) 16*2= 32!!

    So in an equation it looks like this… 8x-12y+32 Thus leading us to the answer that the third option(Option C. ) Is correct!!

    4th Example… This can not be correct because you are looking for an answer with 12y and 4y*16 will always equal 64y so it cannot be this answer.

    KEY= * is the times symbol!!

    Also if you want to right great answers like this put in an extra little bit of effort to learn the material and you will be golden in no time at all!!!

    Have a great day!!!!

    Also can I have a five star a thank you and a Brainliest it would really make my day! UwU


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