what are your daily activities during Tet holiday? Viết thành một bài văn hay ạ.


what are your daily activities during Tet holiday?
Viết thành một bài văn hay ạ.

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    When the drizzle rises, when the winter cold air no longer exists, it is when spring comes. In the spring, flowers bloom, trees sprout up, everybody likes it. But what I love the most is Tet in my hometown.

    Tet holidays in my hometown are extremely bustling and crowded. Family members cleaning up their houses for nearly a week before New Year’s Eve began. It’s so funny with the voice they call each other. This house borrowed a shovel, the other house borrowed a bucket, really happy. After a hard day of cleaning, it was the Tet’s shopping and preparation day. The market suddenly crowded up. New clothes, new shoes, fruits … Children with family members go to the market, happy with the eye-catching things. The most popular New Year’s color is red, so the whole market is full of brilliant red, symbolizing for luck. Fresh fruits are used for Pomelo, flowers of different colors bring fortune and happiness… It have everything.

    The most expected day is the first days of the New year. On the eve of the New Year, I always stayed with my family, and my mother prepared things for the altar, wait for my father to incense. Right at 12 o’clock, when the fireworks were throughout the sky, it’s when the old year was over, a new year begin. New Year happy wishes everywhere. People come to each other’s house to celebrate the new year. In the next morning – the first morning of a year, people carried gifts to visit near and far relatives, children were dressed in new clothes. The whole space is filled with color and joy.

    It was happy, casual, close and full of love. I love my homeland’s New Year.


    Tet holiday is the most festival I like in one year. Before Tet, My family travel a lot of places. During Tet, first, my mom and I go to the market to buy some leaf dong and buy new clothes for family. When I and my mom com back home. My dad is decorate Apricot Flower. My grandpa, my grandma and my sister are make Chung cake. And then my sister and I try to wear new clothes. Next we visit our friends, teacher,…Afetr Tet,I hope Tet comes quickly. I love my family very much .

    Học tốt bạn !!!


    The best of team .


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