viết một đoạn văn nói về nơi bạn muốn đến ( bằng tiếng anh)


viết một đoạn văn nói về nơi bạn muốn đến ( bằng tiếng anh)

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    Our accommodation is Da Lat and Da Nang. Da Nang and Da Lat are two very famous tourist destinations and are loved by many not only foreign tourists but also in Vietnam. Dalat is characterized by cool and fresh air all year round with thousands of colorful blooming flowers. Da Nang is an active city with Da Nang beach, Ba Na resort and lots of delicious food here with quite good prices. You will not regret traveling in both cities, especially Dalat can travel many times without getting bored. Below is a short article about Dalat and the trip to these two cities. Study well .

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    I often do sundry things for my granmother anh help my parents to do housework . In the evening , I go out with some of my old friend. We often chat with each other in cafe . Usually , when Iam freefrom doing homework , I go anh visit close relatives in  my neighborhood anh ask them about their life anh business. In late evening I watch fimls on TV or read or bool to widen my understanding . I often go to the bed very late.


    Để tìm câu trả lời chính xác các em hãy tham khảo nói về nơi bạn muốn đi du lịch bằng tiếng anh các nguồn,, để thầy cô và các chuyên gia hỗ trợ các em nhé!

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