Viết một đoạn văn kể về một hoạt động của em viết cho mik hơi ngắn đừng ngắn quá


Viết một đoạn văn kể về một hoạt động của em
viết cho mik hơi ngắn đừng ngắn quá

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    Sáng sớm tinh mơ của một ngày chủ nhật, em vừa thức dậy, tuy vẫn còn ngái ngủ nhưng đã thấy bố trồng cây ở khoảnh đất sau nhà. Bố đang hì hục cuốc đất. Với vóc người cao lớn da ngăm ngăm lại thêm trang phục bộ quần áo công nhân xanh đậm nên trông bố thật khỏe. Bố quai những nhát cuốc chắc nịch xuống đất, lớp đất cứng đã được đào lên, cỏ dại rạp mình run rẩy. Bố giũ cỏ rồi bỏ thành đống. Đôi tay rắn chắc ấy lại giữ vững cán cuốc, đưa lên rồi giáng xuống. Phụp! Phụp! Chỉ một lát, khoảnh vườn đã sạch cỏ, lớp đất cứng đã tơi xốp. Bố đào hố và bỏ phân xanh xuống, rải một lớp đất mỏng, rồi bố đặt cây con vào hố lấp đất lại. Trồng xong bố dùng cọc tre rào xung quanh mỗi cây, rồi bố dùng bình tưới phun nước lên cây con, tưới cho gốc ướt. Những chiếc lá xoè ra như dang rộng bàn tay đón lấy những giọt nước mát lành. Nhìn lại hàng cây, đôi mắt bố ánh lên một niềm vui khó tả.


    As a middle school student, her main activities are learning and playing, living spaces are mainly school and at home. It sounds boring, but every day you are a new inspiration with many new and exciting things waiting for you to discover. Every day to school is a happy day for me. Here I will talk about a day of my activities.

    Every day is a new change, the events are also new and full of excitement, so every day for me is all joy, an eager mood to wait, experience new things, change. there. According to my usual schedule, every six o’clock in the morning I will get up to eat breakfast and prepare clothes and books to go to school, the circadian clock has become a habit so I no longer need my parents to wake up. you can wake up on your own, prepare everything by yourself.

    Since the middle school I am attending is a district school, close to home, I don’t need people to take me, but I ride my bike with my friends to school, and then back home from school. Every day, every 6:30, we will gather together at the cultural house of the village, after we are full, we start to go, among those who go to school with me, there are people in the same class. The other class members are better than the same class but we go to the same school and play together very closely. Because of the crowded traffic, the road to school is never boring and boring, always cheerful voices and laughter.

    When traveling together also has an advantage, that is, we can help each other when there is a problem on the way home, if your car or someone in the group breaks down, the rest of the people will always try to help. help by helping me home. We go to school together, share the joys we encounter on the road or tell interesting stories that we have experienced or witnessed in class.

    When we get to school, we split up to enter our classroom, every day it’s my turn on duty, I’ll come a little earlier to complete the assigned tasks, clean the classroom clean to be ready for an interesting lesson. Usually, a class session usually has from four to five lessons, each period lasts for forty-five minutes, after each lesson, we will have a break of five minutes to play. The exciting lessons with useful and new knowledge attracted the attention of me and my classmates. After each lesson, we will add new and useful knowledge to ourselves.

    For my favorite lessons such as: language class, history period, I often get attracted by the teacher’s teachings, time passes faster, but for the intense, demanding subjects. with more concentration such as math, chemistry, I feel tired and time also flies more slowly than other subjects. Whether it’s stressful or excited, the time that you and your friends most love is recess, this is the time when we can have fun playing, taking a break after stressful lessons.

    After the school year is over, the drum sounds at the end of the session signaling the end of a class, we go home again, as usual, we will gather together at the school gate, then leave together again. When the weather is usually hot, on the other hand, everyone is tired, hungry, but the atmosphere is still very noisy, people still laugh and talk, making everyone happy, hunger, and heat. filled back.

    After coming home, I ate the delicious dishes of my mother, sat on the family tray, I told my parents interesting stories at school, so that was also much more fun. After eating, I help parents clean up the dishes, then take a break for lunch. In the afternoon, I help her mum sweep the yard, clean the garden and help her to cook dinner. After dinner was finished, I started to sit at my desk, do all the exercises that the teacher gave me, compose a book for the new day and start going to bed.

    Although my activities during the day are nothing special, just repeat learning and play activities, for me, these activities are not tedious, it is always new with new exciting things, giving me new experiences

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