viết 1 bài đoạn văn ngắn về lồng đèn bằng tiếng anh.


viết 1 bài đoạn văn ngắn về lồng đèn bằng tiếng anh.

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    It took several generations of lanterns to reach every house in Hoi An ancient town with a very popular decoration while still retaining its inherent luminous and luxurious beauty. Every summer festival, people make lamps to hang, first make for home decoration, then sell. Lantern making has become a unique profession of Hoi An. There are people who specialize in drawing and decorating large lanterns used in hotels or hanging in places to worship the ancestors of Hoi An families. Hoi An Lanterns are sold everywhere on the streets of Hoi An. You can find them in all different colors and sizes in Hoi An. Especially, at night, when passing Tran Phu, Chau Thuong Van … you will not be delighted by the seemingly messy color arrangement of lovely lights glowing in the street. shimmering fanciful ancient.


    Lanterns are a popular toy of Vietnamese children on Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns have many different shapes, lanterns also have many colors and features most of the lantern line. The lights can emit light to enter the mid-autumn bag, the children can process the lantern to break the moon. Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Vietnamese New Year and lanterns are also an indispensable thing when associated with Tet This day and I love it so much today that is the Mid-Autumn Festival.



    Để tìm câu trả lời chính xác các em hãy tham khảo lồng đèn tiếng anh là gì các nguồn,, để thầy cô và các chuyên gia hỗ trợ các em nhé!

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