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    Following the recent news that the world’s heaviest person alive has lost an incredible 291 kg (641 lb or 45 st – the equivalent of 40 large bowling balls!), we take a look back at the story of the heaviest humans on Earth. It’s a tale that is by turns turbulent, tragic and even uplifting.

    The heaviest human category is not one that’s challenged very often. Few individuals wish to publicize their extreme obesity, although occasionally a new story breaks when someone seeks help for what is a very serious medical condition. Record holders face a constant struggle, not only with their extreme size and fluctuating waistlines, but also the life-threatening health issues that accompany them.

    This is the case with the most recent man to be verified as the world’s Heaviest human: Juan Pedro Franco Salas of the central Mexican city of Aguascalientes.Explanation: for humans

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