My best friend just returned from the clinic. She just found out she is HIV- positive. She invited me for dinner. What should I do? Should I


My best friend just returned from the clinic. She just found out she is HIV- positive. She invited me for dinner. What should I do? Should I go? What do I say to her and her family? Can I eat the foods she cooked or touched? Will she be all right? Imagine this letter is from a friend. Write a page response. Include reasons for your advice.

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    I’m really not sure why I invited her here. Was it because of the bet or did I actually what to hang out with her? Was it just because my parents were arguing again and I needed to get out? What the heck.. of course it’s because of the bet and maybe because I wanted to get away from my parents. She is not fun and super rude. I’d never want to hang out with her on my own. This is definitely for the bet. All that laughter and ‘fun’ was totally fake. She’s still an annoying spoiled brat.. right? I really don’t know how to see her anymore because right now she looks really adorable feeding the ducks. She has a big smile on her face and she generally looks really happy. Happy suits her. What am I even saying? This is kinda bad, I’m actually having… fun. I even almost told her about my parents fighting.. she definitely can not know about that. She wouldn’t understand. While I’m deep in thought, I notice her dump the rest of the bag of bread crumbs in the pond and giggle. I like when she laughs. Wait, no I don’t. “Pretty boy! Dump the rest of your crumbs to the ducks!” I smile and do as she says. “My name is Seth. You can stop calling me pretty boy.” She looks at me with a grin and says, “You know, I think I like pretty boy better.” She laughs and I glare at her. That’s what I said to her earlier when Ava told me her name. “Well, I guess I am pretty.” I say in a confident tone. She looks at me and responds, “Not even close.” I glare at her some more. She’s definitely still mean and bratty. “Aww, did I make you mad?” She asks in a mocking tone. Of course she did but I’m not admitting that to her. I walk towards her and she stops laughing and asks, “What are you doing?” I grin at her secretly knowing that she’s going to hate me even more after I do this. I walk even closer and push her into the pond. She screams and she hits the water and is completely soaked. “Oh my gosh! What is wrong with you?! I hate you!” She screams at me but I’m too busy laughing to pay attention. The next thing I know, I’m in the pond too. She grabbed my leg and pulled me in. I should have seen that coming. Now she’s dying of laughter. “I can’t believe you just did that!” I say to her. She starts laughing again and through her laughter says, “Oh come on! You totally deserved that!” I smile and say, “I guess I did.” She giggles. That annoyingly adorable laugh she has is driving me crazy. “We should go, it’s getting late.” I say to her. “Yeah, probably.” She replies. We crawl out of the pond and we are drenched. “We are really wet, won’t your parents get mad if you ruin the car?” How does she know my parents still come to my place? Does she know about my family issues? Did she hear them fighting through the phone call? “Why are you talking about my parents? That’s none of your business and if you must know, the car is mine.” I snap at her. I hear her mumble, “And you call me a brat.” “Whatever, get in the car sunflower.” The wetness won’t bother my car, after all, it’s just water. It will dry. The whole way back to sunflower’s place is pretty quiet. None of us say a word. Finally, I pull up to her house and park the car. She gets out and I say, “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow sunflower.” “Yeah, see ya pretty boy.” She closes the car door and I watch her as she walks into her apartment.

    What should happen next in this chapter? (Btw, Seth is the main guy in the story and Sila is the main girl. Seth made a bet on Sila to make her like him. They also do not get along at all)  

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