list stages in the evolution of a low- mass star​


list stages in the evolution of a low- mass star​

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    Once the hydrogen fuel in the core of a low mass star is used up, this marks the Main-Sequence Turnoff Point. Hydrogen fusion is still occurring, but in a shell that surrounds the core. All that is left in the core is helium ash. In a nutshell, this is what happens next:

    Hydrogen shell continues fusion

    Helium ash from hydrogen shell collects at the core – the core has remnant helium ash from prior core fusion

    Helium ash build as does pressure and temperature – helium flash then core helium fusion

    hydrogen shell and helium core fusion continues – core helium fusion ends soon (more heat, faster burning)

    Ash in core now carbon, helium shell burning begins, hydrogen shell burning continues

    Carbon ash compresses as outer layers fluctuate

    Outer layers shed in planetary nebula

    Inert, compressed carbon core (White Dwarf) remains

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