IF YOU CAN TRY TO ANSER THIS AS FAST AS YOU CAN THANKYOU. Explain the relationship between physical activity, fitness, health, and wellness.


IF YOU CAN TRY TO ANSER THIS AS FAST AS YOU CAN THANKYOU. Explain the relationship between physical activity, fitness, health, and wellness.

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    Answer:When losing weight, more physical activity increases the number of calories your body uses for energy or “burns off.” The burning of calories through physical activity, combined with reducing the number of calories you eat, creates a “calorie deficit” that results in weight loss.

    Most weight loss occurs because of decreased caloric intake. However, evidence shows the only way to maintain weight loss is to be engaged in regular physical activity.

    Most importantly, physical activity reduces risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes beyond that produced by weight reduction alone.

    Physical activity also helps to–

    Maintain weight.

    Reduce high blood pressure.

    Reduce risk for type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and several forms of cancer.

    Reduce arthritis pain and associated disability.

    Reduce risk for osteoporosis and falls.

    Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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    How much physical activity do I need?

    Photo: Women exercising in a swimming pool

    When it comes to weight management, people vary greatly in how much physical activity they need. Here are some guidelines to follow:

    To maintain your weight: Work your way up to 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, or an equivalent mix of the two each week. Strong scientific evidence shows that physical activity can help you maintain your weight over time. However, the exact amount of physical activity needed to do this is not clear since it varies greatly from person to person. It’s possible that you may need to do more than the equivalent of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week to maintain your weight.

    To lose weight and keep it off: You will need a high amount of physical activity unless you also adjust your diet and reduce the amount of calories you’re eating and drinking. Getting to and staying at a healthy weight requires both regular physical activity and a healthy eating plan.



    They all go together, so you cannot have one without the other. Physical activity is something like exercise,sports, or anything that involves you to move. When you particpate in physical activities, your fitness levels go up. Fitness is a physical way of keeping your body healthy. When you are healthy, your body is in its best shape. This forms your overall wellnes, meaning not only will you be physically healthy, but mentally as well.


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