How can I become an astronaut I’m currently 13 urs old


How can I become an astronaut I’m currently 13 urs old

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    so basically you…………….


    In addition to overseeing space missions, astronauts clean and maintain space stations.
    Aspiring astronauts need to have a master’s degree, usually in a STEM field. You must also complete two years of training and pass the notoriously hard NASA physical.
    Those interested in space can find jobs as scientists, engineers, or astronomers. Get the right degree. Though many successful astronauts have masters degrees, PhDs and post-doctoral qualifications to their name, NASA only requires astronaut candidates have a university bachelor’s degree in … Have great eyesight. Just like pilots, having 20/20 vision is a prerequisite to being an astronaut. Be tall. More items. Hope you can achieve your dreams tho have a nice day!

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