Hãy viết Topic: Describe one of your best friends


Hãy viết Topic: Describe one of your best friends

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    I’m going to talk about Hazel, who is one of my closest friends ever.

    Actually, Hazel is her English name; her Vietnamese name is Ly. But I’ll use Hazel because I know she likes that. She’s one year younger than me. We used to live next door, but now we live in the same flat.

    I want to talk about Hazel for several reasons.

    First, she’s very kind. She’s willing to give others a hand, and she always stands by me whenever I need help. Last year, I had a high fever and had to be hospitalised for a week. She took a week off to take care of me.

    Second, she’s a patient person. Unlike me who can get angry very easily, Hazel’s able to stay calm in almost every situation. In terms of being patient, I am learning a lot from her. I remember last week, both of us had to wait for another friend for nearly two hours because he got up late and got stuck in traffic. During those two hours, I kind of lost my temper and constantly complained. I was pacing back and forth, while Hazel was just sitting there reading a book. At first, I was really jealous and wondered why she was so relaxed in that situation, but afterwards, she said to me: ‘You need to learn how to enjoy every minute of your life’. Then, I realised that I was wasting my time doing pointless things, and from that moment, I knew that I needed to learn to control my temper so that I could enjoy little things in life.

    I’m so lucky to have a friend like her.

    So, if I had to talk about one of my best friends, it would have to be Hazel.


    Everyone of us has at least one best friend to share happiness and sadness. So do I. My best friend’s name is …………… I can say she is my the closest friend until now since we were the children. We have grown up in the same town , went to same school and even studied in the same class. Linh is quite good-looking. She is looks and thin with She has a round face, brown eyes and thin lips. She is a helpful and friendly girl. She has talent in literature . she understands me including my hobbies and dislikes. The best thing character I like about her is the sense of humor. She always has useful ways to make me laugh whenever I’m sad or angry. I really treasure our friendship and hope that it will last forever.


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