Explain the difference between the properties of alpha, beta and grammar radiations (6 marks) . pls someone help and make it detailed


Explain the difference between the properties of alpha, beta and grammar radiations (6 marks) . pls someone help and make it detailed

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    Simply put, alpha particles carry a positive charge, beta particles carry a negative charge, and gamma rays are neutral.

    To elaborate:
    Alpha rays have poor penetration power. They can cause little harm from outside. The outer layer of dead skin in humans, a thick sheet of paper, or a layer of clothes can resist alpha penetration.
    However, alpha particles also have the greatest mass, which implies that they have the greatest ionizing power. If an alpha particle somehow gets into the system through inhaling or swallowing, they become the most dangerous.
    Chances of alpha particles getting inside the system occur only in situations of a nuclear accident or explosion. Once inside, alpha particles can cause maximum damage to the tissues of humans and other living organisms.
    Beta particles are smaller and have less tissue-damaging power when inside an organism. However, they have greater penetrative power. From the outside, beta particles can burn human skin. It would be similar to a severe sunburn.
    Gamma rays have the highest penetration power. A living organism such as a human being exposed to gamma rays faces a high risk of having bone marrow and internal organs damaged.
    Gamma rays can pass through a body, damaging tissue and DNA in the process. Scientists consider gamma rays to be the most dangerous form of radiation.
    Alpha particles are positive, heavy, and slower in its movement in comparison to other kinds of nuclear radiation. The travel speed of alpha particles is 5-7% of the speed of light.
    Radiotherapy in cancer treatment uses alpha particles to kill the cancerous cells. Because of their low penetration power, they cannot damage the healthy cells surrounding the cancerous part.
    One-thousandth of the mass of a proton is the mass of a beta particle. Beta particles carry either one negative charge – an electron, or one single positive charge – a positron. Because of their small mass, beta particles can travel almost at the speed of light.
    Beta particles get used as tracers for medical imaging. They also have therapeutic uses in bone and eye cancer treatment. Smoke detectors also use beta particles. Sometimes, beta particles are used for quality control. Checking the thickness of paper, for instance.
    Gamma has no mass and no electrical charge. It can travel at the speed of light. There is some application of gamma rays in oncology, and for sterilizing medical instruments.

    Well, there ya go, since you asked for detailed. Hope that helps!

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