Đọc đoạn văn và khoanh tròn Over the past 600 years, English has grown from a language of few speakers to become the dominant language of internationa


Đọc đoạn văn và khoanh tròn
Over the past 600 years, English has grown from a language of few speakers to become the
dominant language of international communication. English as we know it today emerged around 1350,
after having incorporated many elements of French that were introduced following the Norman
invasion of 1030. Until the 1600s, English was, for the most part, spoken only in England and had not
extended even as far as Wales, Scotland, or Ireland. However, during the course of the next two
centuries, English began to spread around the globe as a result of exploration, trade (including slave
trade), colonization, and missionary work. Thus, small enclaves of English speakers became
established and grew in various parts of the world. As these communities proliferated, English
gradually became the primary language of international business, banking, and diplomacy.
Currently, about 80 percent of the information stored on computer systems worldwide is in
English. Two-thirds of the world’s science writing is in English, and English is the main language of
technology, advertising, media, international airports, and air traffic controllers. Today there are more
than 700 million English users in the world, and over half of these are non native speakers, constituting
the largest number of non-native users than any other language in the world.
11.What is the main topic of this passage?
A. The number of non-native users of English
B. The French influence on the English language
C. The expansion of English as an international language
D. The use of English for science and technology
12.Approximately when did English begin to be used beyond England?
A. In 1066 B. Around 1350 C. Before 1600 D. After the 1600s
13.According to the passage, all of the following contributed to the spread of English around the world
EXCEPT ………………………….
A. the slave trade B. the Norman invasion
C. missionaries D. colonization
14.The word “enclaves” in the passage could best be replaced by which of the following?
A. communities B. organizations C. regions D. countries
15.The word “proliferated” in the passage is closest in meaning to which of the following?
A. prospered B. organized C. disbanded D. expanded

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    14 A

    15 D


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