ai lm help mk câu này đc ko ak


ai lm help mk câu này đc ko ak

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    I still remember the football match between the two teams fascinating encounter Thailand Vietnam U21 international award in Ninh Thuan
    That day I went to see parents guide football stadium in Ninh Thuan. The match took place more attractive and thrilling .Vao the first minute, the Thai team 1-0 ahead shortly Then, the home team attacked fiercely, overwhelming goal for Finally the players wore No. 7 named Van Quyen had shot into the net between two left Thailand .Tieng resounding cheers roared South .Viet 2-1 victory.
    I love watching football because football helps me to relax and not get tired of the stressful learning hours. I was proud Vietnam football.


    Last Saturday, our school football team played a match with LaxmanPublic School. It was played in our school playground. A large number ofstudents of both the schools were present to witness the match. At 2 p.m,the teams entered the field and took their positions. After the toss, thereferee blew the whistle and the match began. Our school football teamplayed very well from the beginning. We scored four goals beforehalf-time. After the interval, the teams changed the sides. Laxman PublicSchool had managed to score three goals before the interval. LaxmanPublic School tried their best to equalise the score. The captain of Laxman Public School got the ball and scored an easy goal. The refereeblew the whistle and the game came to an end. The match exciting endedin a draw.


    Để tìm câu trả lời chính xác các em hãy tham khảo describe a football match you have watched các nguồn,, để thầy cô và các chuyên gia hỗ trợ các em nhé!

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