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Talking about your daily activities

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    Hey guys, what’s up!!! My name’s Viking. I’m from Halong city.I’m 22 years old. Today, I wanna tell you about my daily activities. In morning, I often get up at seven o’clock or later.I brush my teeth, and then I have breakfast. At 7h30 a.m I go to school (work). I finish my study (work) at 11h30 .I have lunch at 12h30 .I have 1 hour to take a nap. At 1.30 pm, I go to school (work) again. I finish all stuffs at 16h30. I come back home at 17h.I do some sport from 17h30 to 19h .After that, I cook dinner and take a bath. I take 2 hours for relaxing from  20h to  21h30 I go to bed at  21h45 .That’s all. Thank you for you’re listening!


    Everyday is interesting and it is sometimes special. In the morning, i wake up at half past five ( 5:30 A.M) and go out my bed to look outside of windows. It is quiet and cold. Then i brush my teeth and wash my face. I have breakfast at 5.50 A.M and prepare to go to school. After about thirty minutes, i arrive my school and go to classroom. I study about math, literature, physics, english,….. at school. Some subject is great but some subject is boring. In the evening, i go home and watch television, youtube or sulf on the internet. I need to relax and then i do my homework. Sometimes, i read the book such as cosmic, newspaper or science book. Then i drink water and go to bed lately. It is my daily activities.


    Để tìm câu trả lời chính xác các em hãy tham khảo talk about your everyday activities các nguồn,, để thầy cô và các chuyên gia hỗ trợ các em nhé!

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