A sample of dinitrogen tetroxide (N204) gas occupies 144 L at STP. How many moles of nitrogen atoms are present in this sample?​


A sample of dinitrogen tetroxide (N204) gas occupies 144 L at STP. How many moles of nitrogen atoms are present in this sample?​

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    Molecular (gas and liquid) Edit

    Its gas can be easily obtained by heating liquid nitrogen and allowing it to evaporate. It has a wide range of uses and can be used instead of air in environments where oxidation is not desired:

    to preserve the freshness of packaged foods,

    to cover liquid explosives for safety purposes,

    In the production of electronic components such as transistors, diodes and integrated circuits,

    in the production of stainless steel,

    For filling automobile and aircraft wheels due to its inert, moisture-free and non-oxidizing properties.

    It is produced industrially and in large quantities by distillation from liquefied air and although it is defined as LN2, the correct spelling is NO2 (1). It is a freezing liquid and if it comes into contact with living tissue, it causes sudden freezing. If properly isolated from ambient temperature, it creates a source of nitrogen gas that does not require pressure. The ability of water to stay at temperatures well below freezing (77 K, -196 ° C or -320 ° F) makes it possible to use liquid nitrogen in many different areas:

    freezing and transporting food products by dipping,

    Preservation of living tissues, reproductive cells (sperm, eggs) and other biological samples and materials by freezing,

    in visual experiments in science education,

    as a heatsink in high sensitivity sensors and low noise amplifiers,

    in dermatology. removing unpleasant looking warts or skin wounds with potential cancer risk,

    As a cooler in cooling systems of computer hardware such as CPU or GPU.

    Edit Acquisition

    Nitrogen can be obtained in pure form by the decomposition of sodium acid (NaN3) and ammonium dichromate:

    NaN3 → 2Na + 3N2 (300 ° C)

    (NH4) 2Cr2O7 → N2 + Cr2O3 + 4H2O

    Another method used in obtaining nitrogen is the reaction of ammonia with lime cream:

    2NH3 + 3Ca (OCl) → 3CaCl3 + N2 + 3H2O

    Edit Precautions

    Nitrate fertilizers are dragged by irrigation water of cultivated lands and mixed with rivers and groundwater, causing great pollution. Compounds containing cyano (-CN) form extremely toxic salts and are lethal to all mammals.


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