a plus [ b plus 12] = [b plus 12] plus a


a plus [ b plus 12] = [b plus 12] plus a

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    Commutative law of addition

    Step-by-step explanation:

    a +[b+12] = [b+12] +a

    The commutative law of addition states that when two variables are added the answer remains the same irrespective of the position of the variables but the variable must be equal .

    This can be explained by numbers .

    Suppose we have two numbers 4 and 7 then the law can written as

    4+7= 7+4

    11= 11

    We see we get the same answer whether 4 is written before or after 7.

    Similarly in the given equation we have two variables ,

    one is a the other is [b+12] . So it does not matter whether a is written before or after [b+12] in addition.

    Hence it satisfies the commutative law of addition

    a +[b+12] = [b+12] +a

    a+b+12= b+12 +a

    a+b+12= a+b+12

    After solving we will get the same answer on both sides.

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