1. The river water is severely polluted, mostly________ the dumping of raw sewage. A. due to​​ B. lead to​ ​C. because​​​ D. so 2. Sudden chang


1. The river water is severely polluted, mostly________ the dumping of raw sewage.
A. due to​​ B. lead to​ ​C. because​​​ D. so
2. Sudden changes in water temperature can ________ mass killings of fish, plants, or
A. come up​​ B. result in​​ C. dump into​ ​D. thank to
3. Water pollution________ the death of all forms of life in the water bodies.
A. occurs​​ B. results of​​ C. creates​​ ​D. leads to
4. ________ plastic takes so long to break down, it pollutes the land and ocean.
A. Because​​ B. Due to​ ​C. Even if​​​ D. Although
5. Many flights were cancelled ________ the smoke from forest fires.
A. so​​​ B. because​​ C. because of​​ D. result in
6. ________the garbage dump smells terrible, no one lives around there.
A. Because of ​B. As​​​ C. As a result of ​​ D. Even though
7. ________the grain consumption is rising, forests will be cut to provide more room for planting crops.
A. since​​ B. Although​​ C. unless​​​ D. Due to
8. Grace didn’t love nature, ________ she wasn’t happy when her group went camping in a jungle.
A. but​​​ B. and​​ C. because​​ ​D. so
9. Thousands of fish were killed ________ a discharge of poisonous Chemicals from a nearby factory.
A. because​​ B. lead to​​ C. result in​​ ​D. as a result of
10. ________the fog, there were no take-oils from the airport yesterday.
A. Since​​ B. Because ​​C. Owing to​​​ D. Thanks to
11. After the accident, many people were exposed________ radiation.
A. from​​ B. at​​​ C.to​​​​ D. with
12. Light pollution has a wide range of negative effects________ human health.
A. on​​ ​B. of​​ ​C. for​​​ ​D. to
13. ________can cause high blood pressure, heart problems, sleep disturbances, and hearing problems.
A. Air pollution ​ B. Light pollution ​C. Water pollution ​D. Noise pollution
14. The levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have risen________ the burning of fossil fuels.
A. therefore​ ​B. because​​ C. in spite of​​ D.due to
15. If rubbish is non-biodegradable, it________ forever.
A. exists​​ B. will exist​​ C. won’t exist​​ D. doesn’t exist
16. ________are Chemicals that are used to kill unwanted plants, such as weeds.
A. Fertilizers​ B. Pesticides​ C. Herbicides​
​D. Pollutants
17. There would be much less pollution________ people stopped using cars completely.
A. if​​​ B. since​ ​C. when​​ ​D. although
18. Emissions of pollutants into the air can________ changes to the climate.
A. get on​​ B. end up​​ C. go into​​​ D. result in
19. ________can we help save our environment?
A. What​​ B. How​​ C. Why​​​ D. How much
20. If we care about plastic waste________.
A. why won’t we stop drinking bottled water? ​B. we would use reusable shopping bags
C. we will throw away plastic water bottles. ​​ D. why don’t we buy plastic bags?
21. Where is Disney World?
A. Texas​ ​B. California​​ C. Florida​ ​D. Arizona
22. Which country is home to the kangaroo?
A. Canada​​ B. New Zealand ​​C. The USA​​ D. Australia
23. Loch Ness, known for sightings of a monster called Nessie, is a large and deep lake
A. Wales​​ B. North Ireland​ ​C. Scotland​​ D. England
24. Which City is in Canada?
A. Montreal ​​B. Chicago​ ​​C. Melbourne​ D. Wellington
25. Britain is not famous for__________.
A. Harvard University​​ ​​B. Arthur Conan Doyle
C. Buckingham Palace​​​ ​D. William Shakespeare
26. Wanaka is one of the most visited and favoured towns in​.
A. England​​ B. Singapore​ ​C. New Zealand​ D. Canada
27. What is the Symbol of New Zealand?
A. a koala​​ B. a rooster​ ​​C. a kiwi ​​D. a bear
28. Which is not a State in the United States?
A. Alaska​​ B. Washington DC.​ C. Michigan​​ D. New York
29. Which is the largest English speaking country?
A. Cana​da ​B. The UK​ ​​C. The US​ ​D. Australia
30. __________ is in the City of Westminster, Central London.
A. The Golden Gate Bridge​​​ B. The Statue of Liberty
C. Canterbury Cathedral​​ ​​D. Trafalgar Square

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