1. Difference distance and displacement.​


1. Difference distance and displacement.​

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    ANSWER :

    Distance :

    • It is the actual length of path travelled by a body during its motion.
    • It is a scalar quantity.
    • It is always greater than or equal to the displacement of the body.
    • It is always positive.

    Displacement :

    • It is the shortest distance between initial position and final position of the body.
    • It is a vector quantity.
    • It can never be greater than distance travelled.
    • It may be positive as well as negative

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    distance is a scalar quantity while displacement is a vector.

    a person could walk 5 meters forward and then 2 meters back. the person’s distance is 7 meters and their displacement would be 3 meters.

    basically distance is the total space covered while displacement is the space of the starting and final points.

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